Artificial Grass Dubai

Artificial Grass For Sports Grounds

Clear View provide top quality synthetic grass for sports grounds such as cricket, hockey, golf, football, rugby, baseball, tennis court etc all around UAE. Installing natural turf needs large scale labor, seeding, watering and a high maintenance program. Clear View’s synthetic grass is easy to install and maintain.
Installing fake grass will transform your place much beautiful, than natural grass. Our synthetic grass is thick, thick sod has the ability of withstanding crash of sports and can be reconstructed quickly. We develop the safest, most consistent synthetic grass playground surface. Safety is our prime concern, while there are many other advantages in using our synthetic turf Playground.

Synthetic Grass for sports

Clear View Synthetic Grass for sports provides consistent safety standards under all types of play equipment. All this with the look of beautiful green turf.

Artificial grass for football grounds

Artificial grass for football grounds in DubaiArtificial grass for School football grounds UAEFootball is extensively played and one of the popular sport in the world. We have made the best sythetic grass for football grounds in dubai and UAE. An excellent game of football can be an exciting experience made even better by a great playing ground.

Clear View is glad to play a part in serving to enhance the football experience for people around UAE.

Our wish for players to have the ultimate experience ignite our radical mind-set and navigate us to challenge the quality, sustainability and performance in football turf technology.

We have designed unique range of football turf systems that meet the special demands of any customer and offer the best playing area for everybody, anywhere.

Artificial Grass For Soccer

Artificial grass for soccer in DubaiNow people are widely opting for synthetic grass for Soccer grounds over natural green turf pitches. Fake turf constitute of synthetic turf blades attached into a backing substance. synthetic turf fix numerous issues related with natural green turf, however, some professional soccer players have stay against synthetic turf.

Lower cost and less maintenance are the major advantage of synthetic turf. Synthetic turf let play in all types of climate besides thunder and lightning. Rainfall can result in delay and even drop matches completely as a result to bad playing conditions and serious destruction to natural turf fields. If you are playing on synthetic turf, you won’t have that issue.

Artificial Grass For Golf Courses

Artificial grass for golf courses DubaiGolf is a ball game which cannot be played anywhere it needs a golf course. Preserving such a vast land needs a great work. Utilizing natural turf for such landscape is actually a bit expensive and requires a huge quantity of water to preserve. Clear View gives a solution to this buy providing synthetic grass installation for golf course, Synthetic turf are lustrous and has the alike look. Synthetic grass does not have any issue on the game when they are of great quality, it works better than a natural turf. It provides great ambiance to play on these grounds, synthetic grass comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the need and size of the landscape. Synthetic turfs are effortless to handle and easy to maintain as well as simple to install.